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Dear Yule Writer

I hope you will have fun in writing your fic and please know I am grateful to see new and shiny fic in any one of my beloved, but very rare, fandoms. So thank you for being willing to write in one/(some?) of them in the first place. The fact that you are a fellow admirer of at least one of them makes me already like you. Be assured that none of the fandoms I chose here are place fillers, so I will indeed be very pleased to get a fic from any of them and I wont be disappointed in your choice be it A B C or D.

The things I write here as useful guidelines you can chuck out if they don't fit you and not as orders you must obey. Don't be scared away. Remember optional details are optional! Also please don't let me scare you away by my rambling ways.

I am mostly a slash girl but know that I adore gen and especially best friends forever bonding aka BFF fics too. So don't feel pressured to write slash if that is not your cup of tea.

Unfortunately I am very very particular about het fics and read it in very select few trusted fandoms, so it is safer to stay on the slash or gen genre with me.

Any and all ratings are fine with me. Smut it up as much as you please or have a fic where there is no romance and the characters talk and drink tea instead. I read it all and I like it all. So no worries about me being bored either way, all ratings are good with me.

I like action adventure, cultural differences, character driven, plot driven, romance driven, dialogue driven, character self and other analysis driven ect fics. I like witty banter and sarcastic humor, or crazy crack fics. I like warm sweet fics and I like character in the grey/cold mentally or literally searching hope/warmth fics. Moral ambiguity, loyalty pulling in different directions, melancholy and character introspection are always intresting to me.

Angst in reasonable doses is fine too put not over the top I want to slit my wrists in sadness by the end fics. So a happy or semi happy, bitter sweet ending with measure of hope would be appreciated. So genre wise I guess most things are safe with me.

Things I do not like are song fics, schmoop, character bashing, over feminizing the male characters so that they act like stereotypical lovelorn teengirls with crushes, partner betrayal, character jumping from one relationship to other, cheating, graphic torture, graphic rape non con, fics full of only angst and no hope, and romantic melodramas.

In the romantic melodrama I mean supposedly serious fics where the characters react to every slight/perceived slight in a juvenile melodramatic way. For example drama for dramas sake or soap opera reactions are not my thing. I guess the best example would be where you see adult characters act like the stereotypical temper tantrum giving teenagers (not that most real teenagers act like stereotypical teenagers, most of them have an undeserved bad rep, but I guess you get the point). Where the characters don't communicate at all and instead go all "woe is meee, you bastard how could you? I'll never forgive you and hate you forever and now I am dating your biggest enemy instead as a revenge, for he knows of to treat me" fics are not my cup of tea.

Unless the romantic melodrama is in a crack humor fic, then I will love it.

I am not fond of overly fluffy sugary sweet schmoop fics either, fluff for fluff sake or overly stereotypical love confessions. Unless the fluff and sweetness is awkward and cute, then I'll melt in to a puddle of goo and love it. Awkward first times and saying I love you in a roundabout way is one of my sure kinks.

Requested Fandom: Crows Zero (Any)

The Original Prompt: (The four toughest guys in Suzuran are too intriguing to not to learn more about them. Be it BFF gen or heated UST that needs an outlet. Any or all of them in any shape and form will fill me with glee. Slash & BFF gen all welcome.)

What pulled me to Crows Zero are the strong, loyal, competent, beautiful men who know the value of friendship. Plus the fights between the fractions are just plain hot. Even when some of them lose a fight they do it gracefully.

Even more the movie has awesome actors like Oguri Shun, Takayuki Yamada in it! What is not to like?

I am team Tamao Serizawa all the way, for he is my favorite in both of the movies.
But I adore Izaki, Genji and Tokio too. So fic with any/all/just few/one of them will make me happy.

I would love absolutely any fic for this fandom. Slash or BFF gen fic. Pre-movie, during movie vignette, post movie all are fine.

These four in any combination or all alone makes me happy. Character introspection, back story, sweet first time, BFF bonding, first meeting, future occupations anything is fine.

If you are one of the writers who needs prompts here are some just in case you need some but if not, ignore them.

Why did the former BFF Genji & Tokio stop communicating?
How did Tamao and Tokio meet and how did they become best friends?
Or post movies what are any of their future occupations?
Between movies Tokio in a hospital Genji and Tamao visiting him 
Why didn’t Izaki challenge Tamao before the second movie, if he disliked him so much like he said before their fight?

I mean it absolutely anything would make me happy! I can’t repeat it enough. Anything in this fandom will make me happy.

Requested Fandom: Rh Plus (Konoe Haruka/Masakazu)
Original Prompt: (Because Haruka and Masakazu soooo were filled with UST that made my slasher heart beat faster in glee.)

What pulled me to the series and kept me watching it were the interactions between Haruka and Masakazu in Rh Plus. Though I adored the other characters too.

Haruka stays mysterious the whole series, we don’t know how old he is, only that he is without family but still filthy rich and a very good charmer who gets girls melting in to his arms even without trying.

And we know that Masakazu is very very smart student, but also very lazy
And sees himself as a selftitled if unsuccessful King of Goukon.

I loved the interaction between Haruka and Masakazu and one of the things that really intrigued me about those two was the question of why did Haruka suddenly decide to befriend and kind of start to stalk Masakazu the second he saw him do his drunken fistfight. He didn’t seem to be overly impressed by him before that.

I absolutely loved it how during the whole series the interactions between those two stay mysterious and unexplained. That leaves so much potential for BFF or UST filled fic.

So I would absolutely love some slashy goodness between the two or if that is not your cup of tea more BFF hanging out or them getting to know each other a bit more and better.

Prompts if needed. What if the long stare between Masakazu and Haruka in one of the final episodes meant that Masakazu was in love with Haruka?

Or a bit of Haruka backstory. What if Haruka is way older than he looks, how will he explain it to Masakazu when the other learns his true age.

Any fic with these two will make me happy. Be it slash or gen.

Requested Fandom: Princess Princess – (Yuujirou/Tohru)

Original Prompt: (Best friends forever Kouno and Yuujirou sooo must have been up to naughty stuff in their dorm room at night. That kiss so must have made them curious.)

What pulled me in to Princess Princess was the awesome interaction and friendship that developed between Yuujirou & Tohru. I love their bantering dialogue and how well they support each other when needed.

And that kiss! The best and most hilarious scence in the manga & anime. Or how the two of them were constantly confused with girls and boys were trying to pick them up.

I would love to see their friendship develop in to more. Or just see them hanging out a bit more. They are too awesome to resist.

Prompts if needed: What if that kiss of theirs started to haunt Yuujirou and Tohru?

Or Yuujirou and Tohru as former Princesses in school, how will they cope and adjust now that they don’t have all of the privileges of Princesses.

Or Yuujirou and Tohru in College, will they go to the same place or keep in contact at all?

Any fic with these two will make me happy. Be it BFF or as lovers.

Requested Fandom: Roger Zelazny – Amber (Luke/Merlin/Mandor/Benedict)

Original Prompt: (Luke and Merlin besides stealing and sharing each others girlfriends so must have wanted in to each others pants instead. Right? I mean this so is classic denial!
Or the strongest Ambrite Benedict and Chaosite Mandor how would their first meeting go? Actually something about any or of all of the four would make me a happy girl. Be it slash or gen.)

Ahh Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles pulled me in with the first sentence and hasn’t let me go at all. I have been a fan for about ten years and these are my most favourite books ever! Not to mention sweet childhood memories it has given me. I found the whole universe of the series to be fascinating with all the characters and intrigues.

Still I would love to see some slashy interaction if it is possible but if not that is okay too.

My favorite Ambrite is Benedict and Chaosite Mandor. I found them both to be very intriguing. It always made me wonder how Benedict could basically make all of his siblings (who loved rivaling and scheming) respect him to that high degree. What makes him so powerful.

Same goes for Mandor, why does he look up for Merlin so much but still will manipulate him like that. Why does the respected Mandor not take the thorne himself.

I would love absolutely anything more of Benedict or Mandor. Be it a character study or of you want to blow my mind make my two favorites meet up. I am not sure my brain could handle that much awesomeness together.

I also absolutely loved the awesomenss that was Merlins and Luke’s friendship. How they manipulated each other like mad but still helped the other out when needed and stood up for their best interests when it mattered.

So these two hanging out or them finally kind of resolving their sizzling UST would make me happy.

So any Amber fic be it character studies, BFF hanging out or hot slashy action will make me happy.

Prompts: Mandor and Benedict finally meet each other and sparks fly. Who comes out on top?

Luke’s reaction to Merlin becoming the King of Courts of Chaos.

Benedicts reaction to his supposed grand grand-grandson and becoming the King of Courts of Chaos.

Luke and Merlin decide that their seduction of each others lovers means they might actually be interested in each other, what to do?

I hope you will have fun in writing your Yuletide fic. And remember optional details are optional. So if these do not fit you, forget them and just write what you want. I will like it anyway.


EDIT: Dear Yuletide Writer just in case I unlocked my pet peeves in fanfic rants posts. Perhaps they will be of help or not. Though I doubt that in just 1000 words you will write a fic with my suicks in it :). Have fun writing!
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