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I am willing to trade my Russian edition spare copy of "Pitsilised koekirjad"/ "Кружевные узоры" by Leili Reimann (formerly Leili Lehismets) for two books:

"Alexander's Lovers" by Andrew Chugg &

(Alternate US amazon link:

"Theorizing Fandom: Fans, Subculture and Identity (Communication Alternatives)" by Cheryl Harris (Editor), Alison Alexander (Editor).

(Alternate US amazon link:

"Pitsilised koekirjad"/"Кружевные узоры" by Leili Reimann (Lehismets) is an Estonian lace making knitting book. The one I am willing to trade is the Russian edition of the second expanded edition that came out in the middle of the eighties. The book is a paperback, published by "Valgus" in 1987. Is in a good condition.

Below are pictures for comparison and to get an idea of the condition of the book I have up for trade.

If a lace knitting fiend has stumbled upon this entry and thinks my one book of "Pitsilised koekirjad"/"Кружевные узоры" is worth the trade for two books "Alexander's Lovers" by Andrew Chugg & "Theorizing Fandom: Fans, Subculture and Identity (Communication Alternatives)" by Cheryl Harris (Editor), Alison Alexander (Editor) and is willing to get them for me then drop me a comment in this entry or e-mail me at: annaliisa at offline dot ee , with the subject "Pitsilised koekirjad".

Here is a picture of the covers of both the Russian and Estonian edition of the second expanded edition of "Pitsilised Koekirjad". I took a picture of both for comparisons sake, so it could be seen it is the same book. The one I have up for trade is the left one, the Russian version of the book.

Here is the cover of the Russian Edition of the book.

Picture of the title page.

Picture of the spine of the book

Illustrating photos in the book of what would some of the patterns look in real life if they were knitted.

Random page from the book, how to knit some pattern explanation in Russian from one of the chapters from the book.

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