Oct. 13th, 2013

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Dear Yuletide Writer!

Since missed fandom nominations this year and managed to sign up on the last day I wasn't quite prepared for my letter like in the previous years I participated in.

I finally managed to get some free time in my RL and write the letter. I hope the place holder didn't pull down your writing energy and make you wait in case you wanted to start writing alreay for your assigement.

This is basically a repeat of my sign up with a mash up from my previous yuletide letters with some very minor added generalities about my likes and dislikes.

Since I promised the letter in my sign up, here it is.

I hope you will have fun in writing your fic and please know I am grateful to see new and shiny fic in any one of my beloved, but very rare, fandoms. So thank you for being willing to write in one/(some?) of them in the first place. The fact that you are a fellow admirer of at least one of them makes me already like you. Be assured that none of the fandoms I chose here are place fillers, so I will indeed be very pleased to get a fic from any of them and I wont be disappointed in your choice be it A B C or D.

The things I write here as useful guidelines you can chuck out if they don't fit you and not as orders you must obey. Don't be scared away. Remember optional details are optional! Also please don't let me scare you away by my rambling ways.

I am mostly a slash girl but know that I adore gen and best friends forever bonding aka BFF fics too. So don't feel pressured to write slash if that is not your cup of tea.

Unfortunately I am very very particular about het fics and read it in very select few trusted fandoms, so it is safer to stay on the slash or gen genre with me. If you go with gen fic, instead of slash, then please no outside romantic relationships for any of the guys.

Any and all ratings are fine with me. Smut it up as much as you please or have a fic where there is no romance and the characters talk and drink tea instead. I read it all and I like it all. So no worries about me being bored either way, all ratings are good with me.

I like action adventure, cultural differences, character driven, plot driven, romance driven, dialogue driven, character self and other analysis driven ect fics. I like witty banter and sarcastic humor, or crazy crack fics. I like warm sweet fics and I like character in the grey/cold mentally or literally searching hope/warmth fics. Moral ambiguity, loyalty pulling in different directions, melancholy and character introspection are always interesting to me.

Angst in reasonable doses is fine too put not over the top I want to slit my wrists in sadness by the end fics. Please no tragedy! So a happy or semi happy, bitter sweet ending with measure of hope would be appreciated. So genre wise I guess most things are safe with me.

Things I do not like are song fics, character bashing, over feminizing the male characters so that they act like stereotypical lovelorn teen girls with crushes, partner betrayal, character jumping from one relationship to other, cheating, graphic torture, graphic rape non con, fics full of only angst and no hope, and romantic melodramas.

In the romantic melodrama I mean supposedly serious fics where the characters react to every slight/perceived slight in a juvenile melodramatic way. For example drama for dramas sake or soap opera reactions are not my thing. I guess the best example would be where the characters don't communicate at all and instead always go all "woe is meee, you bastard how could you? I'll never forgive you and hate you forever and now I am dating your biggest enemy instead as a revenge, for he knows how to treat me" fics are not my cup of tea.

Unless the romantic melodrama is in a crack humor fic, then I will love it.

I adore fluff and sweetness in fics that are awkward and cute and seeped in friendship, then I'll melt in to a puddle of goo and love it. Awkward first times and saying I love you in a roundabout way is one of my sure kinks.

P.S: Men with long hair and some play with it will definitely push my kink buttons on the nicest of ways. *Stares at Remy and Souichi with glassy devouring eyes*. Or fake pretend undercover relationship turning real is also one of my favourite fandom tropes.

I do like crossovers but in Yuletide I would prefer the focus to be on my requested fandoms, or the crossover fandoms be from my previous Yuletide fandoms or just some short comeos. Yuletide for me is all about my beloved rare fandoms and those getting some love.

Request 1 by annakas
Koi Suru Bou-kun | The Tyrant Falls in Love
Characters: Morinaga Tetsuhiro / Tatsumi Souichi


The first time I learned of The Tyrant Falls in love I had stumbled upon the OVAs. To say I wasn't impressed would be understating it. Souichi was a homophobic bigot from hell and I detested Morinaga for what he did. The rape of Souchi was handled in such a victim blamey way that it pissed me off and I couldn't understand why everyone was so excited about June saving the title when Drama Queen couldn't realise it. Bartner petrayal is one of my biggest squicks.

Then I read Challengers and I adored the characters. Souichi was so over the top homophobic prick that his antics and failures of controlling his brother were actually hilarious. Morinaga was so sweetly and hopelessly in love with a bigot who would rather see his kind dead that I felt for the guy. After that...

Then The Tyrant Falls In Love Volume 1 happened that was the basis for the OVA's I saw. If I look past the first volume of the series I love how sensual and erotic the whole title is.

In a way I really can't blame Souichi for his hatred of gay men since in canon his only encounters with gay men have been very negative a rape attempt by his adviser professor and an actual rape by his own trusted best and only friend.

Morinaga was a sweet guy, who snapped and did something absolutely horrific and unforgivable. The only reason why I can look past it in this series and enjoy the title in full is because Souichi himself engineered their fallowing encounters with very flimsy excuses. So in my personal head canon Souchi was so far in denial and in the closet about being gay because of the rape attempt by his adviser professor that when Morinaga snapped Souichi wasn't able to give consent because of the denial even if he really wanted to. So I am trying to white wash volume 1 in to semi-non-con or dubious consent in my mind. That's the only way I can handle the otherwise fabulous series.

I would love to see a future fic between the pair where Souichi finally has his head straight, he has come to accept himself as a gay man and how this has mellowed him out just a little bit when dealing with Morinaga. Or Morinaga actually sincerely apologizing to Souichi for what he did and finding a way to redeem himself.

If you go the smut route, I will give you bonus points for a seme/top Souichi and uke/bottom Morinaga. It is about time we had some role reversal for the pair. For Souichis fiery nature to dominate Morinaga for once. Though Souichi giving his first blow job could also be interesting. Did Morinaga perhaps finally tell him about his "Souichi penalty point game" he came up with, in the gay bar in the manga where every default/broken promise promise by Souichi means a penalizing point that ends up in sexual favours.

I adored Isogai in both series. His interaction with Souichi was hilarious. So a comeo from him would be an added bonus.

Request 2 by annakas
Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)
Characters: David Bouchard / Martin Ward


The first meeting between David Bouchard and Martin Ward was hilarious, their instant dislike immense, fallowing investigation for the case explosive as hell and the deep friendship between the two by the end of the movie was perfect.

I need to see more interactions between the two. Be it the two of them continuing to work as partners on cases, or just hang out.

While I will always prefer slash I do absolutely adore gen bff fics too.

I loved it how Ward was so prim and proper protocol loving detective who looked so trustworthy and genuine but in his family life he was a complete fail.

And how David, who looked and acted more like a gangster than a detective was an absolutely fabulous father who was wrapped around his daughters little finger.

Anything with the two would be fine.

Perhaps a post movie healing, working a case, having a dinner, lol another fail visit to a TV show! Anything will make me happy.Fake undercover couple that turns in to a real relationship is also one of my favourite tropes.

Request 3 by annakas
My Boss My Hero (TV)
Characters: Manabe Kazuya / Sakaki Mikio


I have to confess Kazuya and Mikio stole the whole show for me, and the other main four leads left me quite indifferent during the whole series.

I found Kazuyas rabid loyality and feverent need to take care of his boss quite intriguing. Especially considering how he had such stereotypically feminine hobbies but he was a scary biker gang mob boss in his own right.

Or Mikio, the younger brother with a feeble weak body but a mind sharp and calculating as a steel trap, who manipulated everyone around him as he saw fit and to show that just because his body is sickly he should never me underestimated and dismissed as weak again.

I would love to see these two interact more and develope a friendship and/or romance.

Perhaps Kazuya could be assigned as Mikios bodyguard when he visits Japan and for once he sees and feels how it is when someone actually appreaciates all of his efforts to take care of someone. I would love to see Kazuya be appreaciated for the awesome guy he was.

Or Mikio becoming Kazuyas hot young boss of a tutor, now that Kazuya is back in High School again and needs all the help he can get to graduate. I can so see Mikio deciding on a new competition when Makio doesn't want to be tutored by his younger brother and perefers his old class mates for it. Mikio being all:"Fine you unappreaciative older brother I'll tutor your young sidecick instead, and just watch how he will flourish under my hand. We will see who will graduate with a better grade between the two of you!"

Or if Kazuya actually fell for Mikio, how would in impact him emotionally, who would have his loyality, would he even dare to make a move?

I have been shipping these two together since I saw the show, not that there was a lot of interaction between the two of them. But they were the ones who stole my heart in the show.

Request 4 by annakas
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Characters: Remy LeBeau (Origins: Wolverine)/ Logan (Origins: Wolverine)


The interaction was explosive between Logan and Remy in the movie. I crave for more of their sassiness, fighting and bromance/or romance.

They were among one of my first slash OTP's way before the movie came out so when I saw the movie that was almost a dream come true. And it is a travesty that there isn't any more Remy to be shown in any of the newer x-men films.

So give me a Logan and Remy remeeting each other again. I mean it anything with these two will make me happy. I guess I am most interested in a remeeting because the way they met and parted was awesome. Both changed and impressed each other in their brief time of aquientance. So for me it would be very intriguing to see how will Logan react to seeing Remy again now that he has had years to bonder what the hell happened to him on the island.

Or Even Remy, what has happened to him in the last decades after the movie? What kind of trouble has he got himself in to and out of, because when we saw him last he had actually just got out quite recently from a horrible situation and Logan was harassing him to go back for a visit. Has he had time to heal even more?

Just any interaction between the two after the events of the movie will make me happy. Smut, dinner, fight! Anything is welcome.

Request 5 by annakas
학교 | School (2013)
Characters: Park Heungsoo/Go Namsoon


The friendship between Go Namsoon and Park Heungsoo was absolutely perfect. I loved it how devastating their fall out was for both of them because of Namsoons actions. And I loved it how powerfully healing their making up was.

While I do ship the two of them together, slash or gen fic with these two are both fine with me. As long as the friendship is strong and shining.

I would love to see future fic with these two where we get to see what becomes of them in the future. What professions do they choose, any higher education, moving in together ect.

Or for promtps perhaps to see how will Heungsoo's family react when he brings Namsoon one day to his place again.

Or how does Senior year now go that they have made up. Does anyone dare to challenge them for top dog?

Anything with these two will make me happy.


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