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The first time Genji walked in on Tokio and Tamao fucking was in the roof of Suzuran of all places. Genji had gone there to make a new graffiti and instead had found himself truly shocked in a long time. As soon as he got the picture of what was going in he had turned around and walked back where he had come from, he could do the graffiti another time.

Genji had been impressed that anyone would dare to fuck in Suzuran, even more he was embarrassed that he had walked in on that, and what was the most mortifying was that because of the damn couch, the two were busy on, he didn’t see whether it had been Tamao fucking Tokio or Tamao riding him, and for some odd reason that question was burning in Genji’s mind and wouldn’t leave him alone. The curiosity was killing him. Who was the seme in that relationship? Genji also decided at that moment that Tokio and Tamao so would not out do him. Genji would find a way to fuck in Suzuran too.

The first time Genji had been walked in on having sex with Tokio had been in Suzuran in one of the empty classrooms by Tamao of all the people. He and Tokio had been too busy in jerking each other off and Genji had not even noticed that they had company. It had been only afterwards when they both had finished and coming down from the orgasms that he noticed that there was a full bottle of water and pack of paper tissues beside the door. They weren’t there before.

When Tokio saw him staring at them, he nudged Genji to move and bring new stuff over :”Oh these are for clean up. Tamao was watching the door so that no one would walk in on us, he must have put them inside the class, when we were busy.” Genji was really disturbed. He didn’t know what disturbed him more, Tamao seeing Genji having sex with Tamao’s own lover, Tamao watching the door so that Genji could have said sex with Tamao’s lover or Tamao being thoughtful enough to put stuff out so he and Tokio could clean up after they had finished. This was just too disturbing. Genji was never going to have sex in Suzuran again. EVER!

The first time Genji found Tamao to be actually scary was when he was about to deck Tokio. Tamao had silently sneaked behind his back and blocked Genji's attempt with one smooth move. The look in Tamao’s face, when he did that, had not only held a warning of “don’t” but also held a promise that if Genji even tried to make a new move against Tokio, provoked by the other or not, then Tamao was going to get serious for the first time ever about fighting Genji and Genji would not be the last one standing this time, for Tokio was Tamao’s Suzuran and nothing stood between Tamao and his Suzuran.

The first time Genji noticed that Tamao was the shortest person in school was when he had shown up with his whole Serizawa’s Army to help GPS kick the other schools ass. Tamao could fill a room with his presence, so Genji had never really noticed it that Tamao was very short compared with everyone else. When Serizawa’s Army had arrived he noticed Tokio with his glaringly white shirt first and only then did he see Tamao beside him.

There he was striding towards Genji with this fierce look, the whole Suzuran student body behind him. It was weird but even the people who where meters behind Tamao looked taller than him. It was cute. There was nothing cute about the situation but at that moment Tamao was cute to Genji. That thought was too disturbing to contemplate any deeper so Genji showed it back in to the furthest corner of his mind and continued his fight, but this time with a great, if very short, back up.

The first time Genji noticed that Tamao was fun to have around was only about an half an hour later, when the two of them found themselves being each others back up and fought their way through the whole school to get up to that damn roof. And when he stumbled after the fight and Tamao was there to catch him at that moment Genji noticed that not only was Tamao short as hell but he was also oddly hot.

The first time Genji noticed that he actually not only found Tamao to be hot but he also wanted to really fuck his brains out was in that dratted road trip Tokio had banished the two of them to bond in. When Tamao had come up to air from under the water with his long wet hair dripping and tousled in front of his eyes, Tamao had looked like something out of a wet dream and at that moment Genji wanted him as much as he had coveted the title of King of Suzuran.

The first time Genji and Tamao kissed was only a couple of hours later. They had rented a small peach house for the weekend and were finishing their third bottle of champagne of the evening when suddenly Tamao had just grabbed Genji by his hair and kissed him. Apparently Tamao had noticed the lustful way Genji had been eyeing him and did not see a reason for the hold up. Hence the reason for the hair grabbing and aggressive kissing whichs lead to…

…the first the Genji and Tamao had sex. It was also the first time Genji had ever bottomed and he still couldn’t believe that he had lost the fight for the top position. The short bastard moved fast when he put his mind in to it and before Genji knew he was under the shorter guy getting bounded in to the next century. Tamao fucked like a demon and this was among the best sex Genji had ever had. The house was trashed and he so was going to have to foot the bill for the damages.

For fucks sake he had won the title of King of Suzuran from Tamao so how in the hell had he lost the fight for the seme position? Tamao told him, when Genji had whined about it, that it was only fair since Genji had won the title of King of Suzuran and even more had been fucking with Tamao’s boyfriend for months.The teasing pissed Genji off and that lead to them fighting again which lead to…

The first time Genji got to top Tamao. And again it was not exactly the victory he had imagined since he still found himself under Tamao. The shorter guy riding him like he was posessed by a demon. It was the best sex ever. Genji now knew why Tokio had been going around in school with head in the clouds. Tamao was not only weird scary and hot but also addicting. Which lead to Genji finding himself without noticing in a serious ménage en trios relationship. Which lead to...

The first time Genji had to explain his relationships to his yakuza boss father, who it turned out decided after an half hour of thinking it over to not give a fuck about it and retire like he had planned to. And that is how Genji found himself not only as the King of Suzuran but also as the head of the yakuza family. Life was good.

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Yessss Genji gets alll!
Even if he is an oblivious über macho N00B!

And omg omg there is a Yamada community! Why didn't I know about the Yamada community in lj??! Not that it is very active, but not completly dead either.

Lol and did you also find it amusing in the second movie how Genji was all whatever about the clingy pop girl *snicker* while he could not stop eyeballing Tamao and Tokio.


Date: 2009-06-01 04:15 pm (UTC)
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I totally liked how they hadn't made that hiphop girl/Genji into some epic love story. They just... exist in the same space or something. Whereas there's some epic loyalty / friendship thing going on between our trio, that I do not quite understand yet. Also, I sort of like that Tokaji and Izaki seem to getting along. In a snarky asshole kind of a way. XD

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Yes yes yesss me too! Genji drinking like mad was so amusing. The girls so hopefully chirping beside him and he all whatever made me snicker.

I also sooo loved the older mafia generation plot that was going on. So sweet.

I am still trying to figure out why Genji's second in command picked a fight with Serizawa?! That was so hot how the midghet laughed crazily in the middle of the fight and just PWND the other.

I need subtitles like now! Because the talk in the marina between Genji and Tamao is burning my brain also.


Date: 2009-06-02 03:07 pm (UTC)
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O me too! When Genji's father was in the hospital, I was like totally OH SHIT NO! Imagine the awesome plot twist, though, if he had died! O snap!

I have no idea why Izaki picked a fight with Tamao. But I suspect he did it ultimately for Genji? Maybe he tried to secure Tamao's support in case things would go down to a fight between Suzuran and Houten (?). Or something. Idk, it's not like Tamao NEEDED the encouragement.

I loved how easily Tamao pwned Izaki. And how desperate Izaki was. And how Tamao is a little crazy when he fights. With the karate kid too, in the end, when he first lets the guy beat him and then basically dusts himself off and does some EPIC VIOLENCE.

Date: 2010-02-17 08:21 pm (UTC)
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This was a surprising twist. I've always thought about those two... but.. well as long as it works.
Beautiful story.

Date: 2010-02-18 09:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am glad you liked it.
Thank you for reading and giving feedback.

Date: 2010-03-29 05:52 am (UTC)
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OMG 3highgklmakdashugohunslnask! <- oh, a "high" xD

I found you through lady_amaka's brilliant Murder fanfic, loving your reviews as I went and so I checked out your LJ and OMG MORE CROWS fanfiction!! XD The slashy ones too which are my favorites! <3

I loved this. It was so funny and sexy at the same time, ahaha!

"he didn’t see whether it had been Tamao fucking Tokio or Tamao riding him, and for some odd reason that question was burning in Genji’s mind and wouldn’t leave him alone. The curiosity was killing him. Who was the seme in that relationship?"

You're not the only one, Genji! <3 <3 <3

I also adore how you made Tamao the shortest Suzuran xDDD When I first watched CW, I the first impression of Tamao was that he's a crazy bastard (and he'd top Tokio!). Buuut over the course I found myself thinking... not only the same thing as you (that he's really got a a strong presence for being so small and calm), but: Tamao is actually reeeally observant and caring and sometimes very quiet, there are scenes he doesn't talk at all but acts in an all epic way (like when he hinders Genji on hitting Tokio). And he's short. Haha. So now I like the idea of Tokio as seme better. Or Genji. Or Izaki. XDDD

C-can I friend you? x3 *tries*

Date: 2010-03-30 12:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Friend away.

I am glad you liked the fic.

Yes and I find the Tamao Tokio interaction very interesting in the movies.

Oh yess Lady's fic is fantastic. I should try to catch up as soon as my school stuff is over. Damn I miss reading the fic but school stuff comes first.


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