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Dear Yuletide Writer!

I hope you will have fun in writing your fic and please know I am grateful to see new and shiny fic in any one of my beloved, but very rare, fandoms. So thank you for being willing to write in one/(some?) of them in the first place. The fact that you are a fellow admirer of at least one of them makes me already like you.

Be assured that none of the fandoms I chose here are place fillers, so I will indeed be very pleased to get a fic from any of them and I wont be disappointed in your choice be it A B C or D.

The things I write here as useful guidelines you can chuck out if they don't fit you and not as orders you must obey. Don't be scared away. Remember optional details are optional! Also please don't let me scare you away by my rambling ways.

I am mostly a slash girl but know that I adore gen and best friends forever bonding aka BFF fics too. So don't feel pressured to write slash if that is not your cup of tea.

Unfortunately I am very very particular about het fics and read it in very select few trusted fandoms, so it is safer to stay on the slash or gen genre with me. If you go with gen fic, instead of slash, then please no outside romantic relationships for any of the requested guys.

This year I am requesting one of my rare but absolutely adored & loved het pairings also so if we were matched on Autumn's Concerto writer het fic away, I'll devour it with glee!

Any and all ratings are fine with me. Smut it up as much as you please or have a fic where there is no romance and the characters talk and drink tea instead. I read it all and I like it all. So no worries about me being bored either way, all ratings are good with me. I do have a softer spot for more mature ratings but I really am happy with anything!

I like action adventure, cultural differences, character driven, plot driven, romance driven, dialogue driven, character self and other analysis driven ect fics. I like witty banter and sarcastic humor, or crazy crack fics. I like warm sweet fics and I like character in the grey/cold mentally or literally searching hope/warmth fics. Moral ambiguity, loyalty pulling in different directions, melancholy and character introspection are always interesting to me.

Angst in reasonable doses is fine too put not over the top I want to slit my wrists in sadness by the end fics. Please no tragedy! So a happy or semi happy, bitter sweet ending with measure of hope would be appreciated. So genre wise I guess most things are safe with me.

Things I do not like are song fics, character bashing, over feminizing the male characters so that they act like stereotypical lovelorn teen girls with crushes, partner betrayal, character jumping from one relationship to other, cheating, graphic torture, graphic rape non con, fics full of only angst and no hope, and romantic melodramas.

I adore fluff and sweetness in fics that are awkward and cute and seeped in friendship, then I'll melt in to a puddle of goo and love it. Awkward first times and saying I love you in a roundabout way is one of my sure kinks.

P.S: Men with long hair and some play with it will definitely push my kink buttons on the nicest of ways. Or fake pretend undercover relationship turning real is also one of my favourite fandom tropes.

I do like crossovers but in Yuletide I would prefer the focus to be on my requested fandoms, or the crossover fandoms be from my previous Yuletide fandoms or just some short comeos. Yuletide for me is all about my beloved rare fandoms and those getting some love.

Requested Fandom: Pǐ zǐ yīng xióng | Black & White (Chen Zai Tian aka Pi Zi/Wu Ying Xiong)

What made me love this show was the awesome bromance that developed between Pi Zi and Ying Xiong. I absolutely loved it how these two met, the super straight laced detective Ying Xiong under cover drug bust being ruined by the super lazy and laid back Pi Zi who tries to arrest the other when he mistakes Ying Xiong for a crook. Talk about an explosive first impressions.

I absolutely loved it how Ying Xiong loathed and detested his new partner Zai Tian in the beginning until Pi Zi wormed himself in to his heart and toppled Ying Xiong's world with his antics up side down. The buying guns from the mafia scene! Hiding them in Hero's car but forgetting to buy the ammo when the guns were actually needed! This deep friendship the two developed within the series was awesome. And I want more of their cracktastic interaction as either partners in work, or developing in to more outside of it.

Pi Zi was my favourite character in the show, I loved his character arc.

Prompts if needed:

I would love to see some more of Pi Zi's past as a homeless person being dealth with. Either how it influences him in some case or how Ying Xiong offers comfort, deals with it or views it how his partner has such a depressing and cruel past. Ying Xiong offering/becoming Zai Tian's family.

Or a after series fic about how Zai Tian's promotion to the team leader affects, if it affects, his partnership with Ying Xiong. I just found the ending hilarious how Zai Tian sneaks in to vice on his spare time to question the hot hookers. The laziest one, the one what had the whatever attitude for over half of the series about being a cop is the new team leader/boss of serious crimes. The super serious Ying Xiong must be WTF!?!?!-ing some of the time about this kind of situation in his work place.

Or after series fic dealing with how Ying Xiong deals with being the illegimate son of the former president. How Ying Xiong and Zai Tian deal with it when Ying Xiongs new body guards interfere in their cop work. Or Ying Xiong introducing his partner Zai Tian to his new found father the former president.

Or them dealing with the family issue of kind of sharing a mother. The blood related son who never knew his mother because he was given away, and the one who was adopted, who has all the memories of their mother. How the two bond over that!

Or Zai Tian making his moves on Ying Xiong! Or the straight laced Ying Xiong making his move on Zai Tian!

Requested Fandom: J'en Suis! | Heads or Tails! (Dominique Samson/Pierre Sanchez)

Ahhh J'en Suis! The crackiest movie ever that introduced me to the hotness of Roy Dupuis in 1998. Again I absolutely adored the friendship Dominique and Pierre had. Their interaction during the whole movie cracked me up! And I have craved for years to see a fic where these two actually discover their attraction to each other during the antics.

So these two getting together fic would be absolutely fabulous!

In here I even wouldn't mind if Dominiques character had a poly relationship with his wife and added Pierre to their family, if breaking up Dominique from his wife would be a problem for the yuletide writer.

I would also absolutely love to see how Pierre handles the situation he found himself in in the end of the movie. Can he play gay better than Dominique? Another Victor Hugo situation? After all Dominique now can't handily play his boyfriend after coming out of the closet as straight and married!

Requested Fandom: Autumn's Concerto (Ren Guan Qi/Liang Mu Cheng)

Situation: One of the things that made me curious with the end of the series was how will Mu Cheng and Ren Guang approach each other romantically/sexually now that they have decided to stay married, stop the fictive pretending, and give their relationship a real chance. While they resolved by the end of the series all of their previous misunderstandings and trust issues, there actually are some issues still to be resolved.

For example Mu Cheng's only real sexual experience was also her first time that resulted in her getting knocked up by Ren Guang and becoming a single mother for the next six years of her life, where she hadn't the time nor inclination to experience more. Plus her other verging on sexual experiences all have been negative ones where someone has tried to rape or coerce her.

Ren Guang on the other hand has had his whole world view altered and shattered when he learned that before his brain operation he had with Mu Cheng, a brief affair with very strong love that has resulted in him becoming a dad. And that after his operation his mother and the new fiancee, he loved, have been manipulating him for the past six years to become what they thought was best.

So how does it feel to Ren Guang in reality to rapidly change his significant other of 5 years with whom he planned to marry and build a life with to Mu Cheng, the mother of his child, whom he has had the chance to interact only a couple of months in comparison? This abrupt switcheroo with the bride must have some long term getting used to. The five years he spent with the ex is not something that can be swept under the rug.

There is no denying that the love Ren Guang and Mu Cheng have for each other in the series is very strong but also when you actually think about it they don't really know each other for a long time.

The series encompassed over six years in their life and yet the main characters of the series only had a couple of months/less than a year worth of face to face interaction and from that time less than half was of romantic nature. And yet here they are married with a child in the family without actually dating each other for more than a month or two.

So now I am here all curious how do Mu Cheng and Ren Xi approach each other now that things have calmed down after the series. I would love any fic that deals with that issue. Any rating is fine with me.


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